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Buyers agent

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Are you planning to buy a first home or an investment property? Buying a property on your own can be cumbersome as it involves scouting properties to final settlement and everything in between. However, a buyer’s agent can help you navigate the complex process and seal the deal. Furthermore, they can help you gain an edge and eliminate stress. So, let’s see what a buyer’s agent is and how hiring them can benefit you.

Buyer’s Agent

A buyer’s agent is a licensed professional who represents the prospective property buyer’s interests and undertakes the process of searching, evaluating, and negotiating on the buyer’s behalf. They help buyers at every step of the purchase process find the right property at the best prices. They leverage their in-depth knowledge of the property industry and negotiation skills to help you find and buy the property.

Services Offered by Buyers Advocate

The buyer’s agent offers full or partial services. They search, appraise, negotiate and purchase the property after due diligence. You can either avail a full spectrum of their services or choose selective services. The comprehensive services offered by them include:

  • Understanding and analysing the buyer’s requirements.
  • Search on/off-market properties in the desired location.
  • Shortlist and inspect properties.
  • Appraise the property and conduct a market analysis to determine the property’s actual market value.
  • Perform extensive due diligence like building inspections, flooding maps, pest, survey, and engineering reports.
  • Aggressively negotiate the price and purchase terms and conditions on the buyer’s behalf.
  • Purchase the property.
    Perform pre-settlement inspections.
  • Oversee the contracts and exchanges.
  • Arrange keys and property handover on settlement day.
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Benefits of Using a Buyer’s Agent

An experienced and skilled buyer’s agent helps the client find the perfect property and guides them throughout the process. As a result, they save you time, money, and hassles. The key benefits of hiring an agent are as follows:

  • Easy and Wide Access:- An agent provides you access to a diverse range of properties as per your requirements. They leverage their extensive real estate network to find properties in your desired location on and off the market. They also have insights into properties that have not yet come up on the market.
  • Time-Saving:- Since buyer advocates are professionals in searching for homes, they can save you time and eliminate the stress and hassles of searching and shortlisting. The agents have extensive knowledge of local real estate markets. They have years of experience, enabling you to navigate the process more quickly and smoothly than doing it on your own.
  • Informed Decision-Making:- Since AssetPlusbuyersagents know their service areas in-depth, they can provide you with valuable and accurate information on market value, property price trends, and growth potential. In addition, they shortlist properties from a capital growth perspective. This information will help you make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Receive Accurate Appraisals:-property buyer’s agent finds the right property for you and also inspects that property. Then, they conduct a market analysis to determine the property’s actual market value.
  • Bidding and Auctioning:- Bidding can be intimidating and emotionally daunting, and therefore you need someone who can objectively represent you in the heat of the moment. Buyer’s agents are confident, emotionally detached, and know the tactics necessary for a successful bid. They inspect the property, conduct market research, and find the maximum price range of the property before representing you. As a result, the agent saves valuable time and emotional distress.
  • Negotiation Skills:- The agents use professional negotiation strategies for negotiating price, purchase terms, and conditions aggressively on the buyer’s behalf. They capitalise on their experience, skills, and market knowledge to secure a more favourable deal than if you were to negotiate the sale yourself.
  • Help You Buy Interstate:- In most cases, an agent who represents buyers is better placed to help them find properties that meet their needs. Similarly, a buyer advocate can also do inspections and bid at auctions on your behalf, making it seamless.
  • Alert You on Properties Before They Come to Market:- An agent leverages his extensive industry network to gain information about the properties that are yet to come to the market. As a result, the agents can help you gain access to such properties ahead of other competing buyers.

How To Find a Buyer’s agent?

If you seek a buyer agent, you can search the internet or ask your family and friends who have recently purchased a home if they know any property buyer’s agent.

Hiring a licensed buyer agent is imperative when you search property buyer’s agent. If you plan to buy or invest in property, you can contact Asset Plus’s buyers’ agent. We have expertise in property sourcing and can help you save time, money, and stress.

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