For many of us, buying a house or an investment property is among the most important purchases. It involves finding the right property that meets your criteria, due diligence, negotiating the deal, and paperwork. This process can be intimidating, and since it involves a considerable amount of money, it is imperative to make smart and informed decisions. Here is where a buyer's agent comes to your rescue. The agents bring their knowledge and expertise to the table but selecting a buyer's agent can be overwhelming. So, this blog discusses who is a buyer's agent and questions you should ask them before engaging to make hiring a buyer's agent easy and simple.

What is a Buyer's Agent?

A buyer's agent is a licensed property agent who helps you through the process of home-buying transactions. They specialise in searching, shortlisting, inspecting, negotiating, and purchasing the property after due diligence. In addition, buyers agents in Brisbane help buyers find the right property at the correct prices and guide them throughout the process. 

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Questions to Ask Before Engaging

Buyer's agents help their clients save time, money, and hassles but not all buyer's agents are equal. Therefore, selecting qualified and experienced buyer's agents in Brisbane is paramount. Following are some of the questions you can ask the buyer's agents before engaging them to determine which one best meets your goals. 

  1. Qualifications

Although the real estate industry is not regulated, there are still qualifications that buyer's agents can obtain. These qualifications include Qualified Property Investment Adviser (QPIA), the Real Estate Buyers Agents Association (REBAA), and the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). In addition, a Certificate of Registration is a basic entry-level requirement for buyer's agents in Brisbane to work in the real estate industry. So, the good buyer's agents in Brisbane will be qualified and hold a valid license. 

  1. Credentials

A reputable buyer's agents in Brisbane should have appropriate training, experience, licenses, and insurance. The easiest way to check the credentials of buyer's agents in Brisbane is by checking if the buying agent is an accredited member of the Real Estate Buyers Agent Association of Australia (REBAA). Memberships of other industry bodies like the Property Investment Professionals of Australia and the Real Estate of Queensland also prove the credentials of the buyer's agents in Brisbane and their regard for ethical standards.

  1. Experience

Experienced buyers agents in Brisbane ensure the whole process of buying a property is smooth and enhance the overall property buying experience. They will have in-depth local knowledge and extensive experience in property management. In addition, experienced buyers agents in Brisbane will have excellent negotiating skills and help you get the best deal. Moreover, experienced buyers agents in Brisbane have seen both ups and downs and are better positioned to guide the buyer. So, ask the agent how long they have been in the industry. How many deals have they successfully handled? Since buying the property is a considerable investment, it is important to be sure that the buyers agents in Brisbane are well-experienced. 

  1. Past Clients

Ask the buyers agents in Brisbane if you could speak to their past clients or if they can provide details of their past clients as a reference. Ask them about their recent property purchases. You can also ask the agent how many clients they are actively working with. Best buyers agents in Brisbane can easily juggle several buyers because of their organisation and efficiency. 

  1. Specialisation

Another important question to ask buyers agents in Brisbane is whether they specialise in home buying or property investment. Although experience and expertise are needed for both, a buyer's agent must have a proven track record and experience in purchasing an investment property. Moreover, you should ask them which areas they specialise in Brisbane. Ask them which areas or suburbs they have helped their clients buy properties. 

  1. Ask for Client Testimonials

Ask the buyer's agent to provide you with client testimonials. A good buyer's agent will be able to provide you with a handful of client testimonials. Communicate with the past clients if the buyer's agent provides you with contact details. Online property buyer reviews also play an important role in helping you choose the best buyers agents in Brisbane. Look for reviews on Google and other search engines as these reviews are genuine and not controlled by the buyers agents in Brisbane


Buying a property is a monumental task, and a buying agent is critical as great buyers agents in Brisbane understand the market and are advocates for their clients. The questions mentioned above will help you select the right buying agent who will help you through the entire process step by step. By doing so, you will be on your way to successfully choose buyers agents in Brisbane for your home or investment property buying needs. 

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